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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Before getting started, please read this section. If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact support.

Is the company legally registered?

Yes, the company operates inlegal framework of the UK and has all the registration documents.

Who is eligible to partner with the company?

Every person who has reached the age of majority has the right to be a partner of the company.

Is partner data protected?

Yes, the company uses the highest level of protection for the site and partner data.

Can multiple accounts be created?

Not. The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited.In the case of multiple accounts and the fact of using the opportunity to investor receive a reward, access to such accounts will be limited.

What electronic payment systems can be used for investment?

Perfect Money ,Payeer , Bitcoin, Ethereum , Visa, MC.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum amount for depositing funds to an investment account is 30$.

What currency can you invest in?


When is interest calculated on the deposit?

Interest is calculated 24 hours after the opening of the deposit.

Does the company take a commission for withdrawing funds to electronic payment systems?

No, the company does not charge a withdrawal fee. The commission can be charged by the payment system.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, the company provides an affiliate program for active partners. Your income can be limitless.

Can I change the invitee after registration?

The company does not change partners after registration, so that the partnership tree is not violated.

In what way can you contact technical support?

You can use the feedback form: consultation on the site, e-mail.

Can I reinvest my dividends?

Yes, you can reinvest your dividends.

How long will it take to withdraw my funds to payment systems?

Withdrawal of funds to payment systems from the company are processed instantly.

How often can I order a withdrawal?

Withdrawals occur every day, but you can order the next withdrawal only after the previous withdrawal request has been completed.

How much can I withdraw each week?

You can withdraw an amount per week that does not exceed the amount of your deposit.

What is a Demo Account?

A demo account is a deposit that your partner can open if you fulfill the conditions for the turnover of the structure.